Juniper Cottage : doggy heaven!

A traditional holiday cottage for you and your dogs


Guidance on Bringing Dogs to Juniper Cottage


We have put together a few points about bringing dogs to the cottage to help you decide on whether this holiday let is suitable for you and your dogs.  Hopefully these will answer many of the questions that you may have.  But if not, please feel free to contact us. 

The cottage has been laid out with dogs in mind - no fragile ornaments that wagging tails could dislodge!  Easy wipe floors where muddy paws may venture! 

You are in the country here and there may be wildlife or farm animals in close proximity to the Cottage.  If your dog is unused to this they may get excited and need to be controlled. 

In general, we welcome well trained dogs and look to you to ensure that their individual traits and foibles do not inadvertently cause damage or spoil the facilities for others. 

Is the area around the cottage enclosed? 

Yes.  The access, courtyard and small garden area outside the door to the Cottage is fully fenced.  This means that you can let your dog(s) out for 'wees' first thing in the morning and last thing at night (though, of course, before letting your dog out on its own in this area, you will want to chack that is not going to find a way out! All but the most creative or athletic escape artists should be fine.)  Also, bear in mind that in the summertime there may be livestock in the fields and there is always wildlife, so if your dog is excitable you may need to manage it more closely.


Is there a limit on the number of dogs?


We do not have a rigid limit on the number of dogs, but obviously there is a practical limit on how many dogs can comfortably be accommodated in the cottage (with the number of adults proposed). Upt to 5 dogs seems to be the most that fit comfortably.


What we ask is that you tell us how many dogs you want to bring, their ages and what size/breed they are, so that we can be sure that they are acceptable.  We also require you to tell us of any unusual aspects (such as a deaf dog or a puppy) in advance.  We reserve the right to terminate your holiday if you have not disclosed anything which might have led us not to accept your booking. 

There are two cats at the Mill and others at properties nearby, so if your dog does not like cats, please take this into account.


The cottage overlooks a large field which may have cattle on it at certain times of the year.  Sometimes the cattle (often mums and babies) come right up to the cottage boundary to see what is going on in the cottage.  They do not stay very long and move away further into the field again.  You will know if your dog has any problems with cattle.


Where can I take my dog for a walk?


There are several footpaths direct from the Cottage.

In fact, there are an enormous number of walks available without the need to get in a car.  We have lived here for 18 years and still have not done all the permutations within the Uley Valley!

The Cotswold Way is on your doorstep and there are many other delightful villages, wooded hills and peaceful valleys within close proximity.  For example, Woodchester Valley is just over the hill - owned by the NT, this 5 mile long valley contains a famous, partially finished mansion and many woodland walks.  There are no roads or other intrusions to spoil the magical remoteness and peace of this place.  Dogs are allowed. 

We own 17 acres of land around the Mill, some of which has public footpaths on it.  There is a paddock/orchard of about 3 acres with streams, a small waterfall and grass areas for walking, which is completely private to us (and you) and is only 20 yards from the cottage. This can be used for short exercise periods and constitutionals (you will need to 'pick-up').  The area is mostly enclosed with sheep netting and hedging; though a small dog or one with a will to go running off could get out of this area.  There are benches where you can sit and admire the view.


From our land there are numerous footpaths across farmland and into pretty wooded areas all of which you can use.  This means that you and your dogs can set out directly from the Cottage for a walk without the need to go on any busy roads.  Some of the farmland will have cattle or sheep on it at certain times of year, but we can advise you at the time of your holiday where these are.  The village also has a communal area (the Millennium Green) which is nearby and a good place to take your dog if it likes to socialise with others, since many Villagers use this area for their daily doggy walk.


Uley Parish Council has put kissing gates and dog stiles into many fields, especially on the more popular circuits around the village, so that there are routes that you can take big dogs, too.


Do the local pubs accept dogs?


The local pub in Uley welcomes dogs both inside and outside.  It has a garden with good views that you can use or you can sit on the adjacent Village Green and watch the world go by.  Some locals sit at the benches outside the front of the pub with their dogs.

Many of our visitors have commented favourably on the dog friendly nature of the Uley pub.  It is a short walk from the Cottage (no need for a 'designated driver'), either across fields or through the Village.

Most of the other local pubs, including some of the upmarket ‘gastro pubs’, welcome dogs, even if only outside.  You can take a pleasant walk through fields and woods to several of these - most do good food at varying prices and serve 'real ale' and reasonable wines. 

What if my dog does any damage to the cottage?


You are fully responsible for your dog and we will charge you for any damage that it does.  In addition, if there is any additional cleaning required because of excessive mess in the cottage, we will have to charge you for this.  We have decorated with dogs in mind and the downstairs of the cottage is tiled, which is easier to keep clean.

There are cleaning materials in the cottage and you are encouraged to clean up after your dog and to remove any dog hairs.

Please keep your dog off the beds and sofas and chairs.


Where can my dog do a constitutional?  Will I need to ‘poop and scoop’?


There is a fenced courtyard garden at the cottage and your dog can do a quick ‘wee’ here, but you will need to ‘scoop’ up any poos.  The paddock is about 20 yards from the cottage and you can let your dog in there to do constitutionals. You should ‘scoop’ there as a courtesy to other visitors and on the farmland around the Mill; the farmers have asked for poos to be scooped as health protection for their sheep and cattle.  The Millennium Green also asks for dog poos to be picked up.  There are a number of dog poo bins around the village too.


Can I bring any other pets?


We do not allow any other pets.


Can I leave my dogs alone in the Cottage?


We do not support this because many dogs get anxious in a strange environment and can damage furniture and fittings.  The area round here is so attractive, that your dog would much prefer to join you in enjoying it!



What do I need to bring for my dog?


You will need to provide your dog’s feeding and water bowls and bring its own bedding.  You should also bring doggy towels to dry them down (especially if they like paddling in the water in our streams) as the towels we provide are only for human guests.  You will also obviously need to bring your dog’s food.  Please also bring poo bags. 

There is an excellent pet shop in Dursley (the nearest small town), which has all varieties of branded and unbranded foods, should you want to buy locally.  This friendly store should also be able to supply any other needs.  Also in Dursley is a butcher which has moderately priced meats.